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Children's wardrobe Sky

Children's wardrobe Sky

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Color: blue, pink, green
Material: plastic
Type of mounting: wall mounting
Style: Modern

The self-adhesive hook is made of high quality ABS plastic, non-toxic, no odor, strong load-bearing capacity, strong adhesion, not easy to fall off, durable.
The children's coat hook just need to wipe the wall clean before installation, tear off the protective film behind the hook, paste it in a convenient place, and press from the center to both sides to deflate.
A set includes 3 self-adhesive wall hooks, the color is white, the size is 14.5*23cm, and the appearance is cute and interesting. It is a good wall decoration and creates a special way for your little baby.
Each hook in the cute towel hook can bear a weight of 5 kg. He has strong adhesion. The hook is detachable and can be adjusted at will. This plastic hook can be used to hang towels, hats, keys, wallets, etc. It is very suitable for use in children's rooms, kindergartens, cloakrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other places.

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